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Turn Your Smartphone Into A Side Hustle: Make $100+ Per Day EASY!

Turning your smartphone into a side hustle that can make $100 per day, 7 days a week, is not as hard as you might think it is. In fact, it’s easier than 99% of jobs out there that would pay you that much.


If you’re strapped for cash, have a smartphone, and aren’t interested in any of our other Side Hustles for 2020, then this guide is for you. In fact, you don’t really need to know how to do anything. 


No, seriously. Knowing how to make a website or market a product is not needed. You just need some extra space on your phone.


Many of these methods simply involve downloading some different apps. In fact, some of these apps don’t even require you to actually do anything. They just want to anonymously gather data about your entertainment preferences. Other apps may have you play a game, search the web, or fill out a survey every morning. 


It’s estimated that Americans spend an average of 5 hours per day on their smartphones. Many of these same people often dream about working from home. By providing you guys with a smartphone side hustle guide, you can make money from home without putting your smartphone down.


These smartphone-friendly side hustles are broken into different categories, so you may need to do some digging around to find something that suits you personally. If you want to break the $100/day-$200/day barrier you’re going to need to use multiple apps listed here. However, it’s entirely possible to do so!


Focus Groups & Paid Surveys


Nobody actually enjoys filling out surveys. Not many people actually enjoy being a part of a focus group. But this is where most of the money from your smartphone will likely be made (for those who are looking for a more hands-off approach and aren’t into things like reselling or dropshipping)






Special: Get $10 immediately when you sign up to Swagbucks.


You’re going to see us talk about Swagbucks multiple times throughout this guide. The reason is because, well, there’s multiple ways that you can use their app or their website to make money. Swagbucks partners with a lot of different survey companies out there to offer a wide selection of surveys. Having such a big selection means there’s always money to be earned.


The surveys you complete are worth various amounts of SBs or Swag Bucks. You can redeem your SBs for gift cards. If you need cash then you can redeem your SBs for prepaid visa or American Express cards or for PayPal payments.



Man I wish I had an affiliate or referral link to get paid for referring signups to these guys because everyone signs up when I tell them about Their surveys can pay $25-$50 on the low end, and oftentimes $150+. Yes, that amount is PER SURVEY.


They’re pretty selective with their participants but even if you get just a few of these per month the earnings will add up quickly. Especially when used in conjunction with other apps like Swagbucks that we mentioned above. 



Nielsen Digital Voice



Have you ever wondered how media specialists were always able to say “X million people watched the Superbowl!” or “The premier of that show’s new season had Number of viewers!” Those stats were made possible by Nielsen. 


Back in the day, Nielsen would pay families to let them hook up a DVR-lookalike monitoring box to their TV. This would monitor what families watched. Nielsen would send them money every week or every month for leaving their monitoring box connected.


These days Nielsen will pay you to see how you’re using your smartphone. They won’t monitor your conversations. They won’t tell everyone about your favorite porn site. But they will monitor what apps you use, how often you use your phone, etc.. 






You can make up to $30 per hour just by testing out apps that haven’t yet been released on the open market. Each testing session is broken into 20-minute increments for a payout of $10. App developers need feedback on their new apps before they go and list them on Google Play or on iTunes. This is one of the ways they’re able to get that valuable feedback.






Another user-testing platform that will pay you for valuable feedback. uTest has all sorts of projects available, not just those related to testing mobile apps. You can make anywhere from $5-$50 per project that you test, depending on the amount of time required.


Cash-Back Shopping Apps


The next item on our list pertains to something we all do: SHOP. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for groceries, home improvement items, or are simply making impulsive purchases on Amazon, you can be earning cash back for those purchases! 


Using these apps means you can get paid for both in-store shopping and online purchases!


Seriously, you can earn money for the groceries that you already planned on buying anyways. You can earn money for that Amazon or Ebay purchase that you had been saving up for. You can even earn money for shopping at that local boutique around the corner or our favorite work-day lunch hangout.


What is cash-back shopping? Cash-back shopping apps have deals with various merchants that let them earn a commission when they send people to their store or their website. They share this commission with you in the form of cash-back shopping rewards. 






We’re going to start our list off the app that we promise you’re going to see mentioned in multiple categories of this smartphone side hustle guide. Swagbucks offers A LOT of ways to make money. One great way is with their cash-back shopping deals.


They’ve got thousands of merchants in their cash-back shopping network. To make it even better, they’ve got exclusive deals and coupons you can use to buy your items at a discount and still get cash-back rewards for those purchases! 


Their app has a lot of other ways that lets you earn money (which we will mention more throughout this article). Download it and check before you make any major purchases online.






For those that want to earn cash back from their in-store purchases, Ibotta is right for you. They will let you submit your receipts to earn cash back on qualifying purchases. Ibotta even lets you link up your member rewards cards to help track your purchase and prevent the need to submit receipts.


I like Ibotta because they’ve got some *really* common stores in their cash-back shopping network: WalMart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Fred Meyer’s, Safeway, Albertsons, and 300+ more!






Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is the OG of the cash-back shopping world. Their network has over 4,000+ merchants in it. If you’re about to buy something online, anything, then you can likely buy it from a Rakuten merchant to earn some sweet cash-back rewards.


What’s cool about Rakuten is their browser extension. It works with all web browsers and will notify you if you’re about to shop at a website that you can potentially be earning cash back from. Their mobile app is super easy to use.



Receipt Hog



Another in-store, receipt-friendly cash-back shopping service is Receipt Hog. You use your smartphone to take pictures of your receipts and submit them to the Receipt Hog network. The kicker? You can upload receipts from just about anywhere.


Every time you upload a receipt they award you Coins. These Coins can then be redeemed for gift cards or for cash, typically in the form of a PayPal payment. This is not a service that will make you rich, but you should combine it with other methods listed here. It all adds up!



Wiki Buy



The final smartphone-friendly, cash-back shopping service we’re going to go over is Wiki Buy. Just like the others listed above, they’ve got a huge network of merchants that you can shop at and earn some cold, hard cash for the purchases you had already planned on making.


They’re unique for two reasons. First, rather than search by store or website name, you can search by item. For example, if you need a new printer, you can find a Wiki Buy merchant with the best pricing and earn cash back in the process. Second, they partner with a lot of local merchants so some tiny mom-and-pop store that’s only specific to your town may actually be in the WikiBuy network.


Watch Videos & Listen To Music


Watching movies, TV, or videos and listening to music all while getting paid sounds like a scam. And, well, in many instances it is a scam. But we’ve gone through and found three legitimate apps that will seriously pay you to watch videos or listen to music.






Okay, I know, you’re tired of us mentioning them. But they’re relevant in every category so far. Swagbucks has their own internal service that lets you get paid for watching videos. This service is supported by their advertisers. Hell, if you don’t want to waste time, you can get paid to just go directly watch the advertisers’ videos.






The link above goes directly to the Viggle app that will let you earn points for watching TV. These points can be redeemed for prepaid debit cards (among other things). They have a lot of popular TV shows, many of which are also on Netflix or Hulu. So before you watch on your preferred streaming provider, see if Viggle has it so you can get paid. 



Music X-Ray



Do you like music? More importantly, do you like discovering new music? Whenever you sign up for Music X-Ray you will create your ‘taste profile’ by telling them information about the kinds of music that you like — bands, favorite songs, etc — and they will recommend new music to you. You listen to a song, rate it, and get paid for every single rating. 


When bands put out new music they like to get feedback from the general public before they add these songs to their new album or to streaming services like Spotify. Your feedback will help them make any necessary changes to these songs. 


Sell Stuff From Your Phone


The quickest and easiest way to make the most money is to sell stuff from your phone. You’ve likely got a lot of things lying around that you’re not using. But you can also sell other stuff on your phone, like those pictures that you’ve taken, or some items you’ve ordered from AliExpress or Amazon to resell. 


We’re serious.. You can sell pictures that you’ve taken, you can sell your old clothes, you can sell your old textbooks, or you can re-sell some chinese gadgets that you’ve ordered. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re trying to sell, we’ve got an app for that!






Clothing: Have you ever heard of stores like Plato’s Closet or Clothing Mentor? These stores will buy back your “gently worn” in-demand clothing brands. Poshmark is an app that will let you sell these same types of clothing — often for much more money — without having to leave the house.


You can use the app to make your own clothing boutique based on what’s in your closet and use the app to run your own consignment store. You can even join in on Poshmark Parties to get some more visibility. 






Images: Do you love taking pictures on your phone? Are you at least a halfway decent photographer? You could be getting paid up to $5 per picture that you take on your phone and sell using the Foap app. 


Goofy pets, gorgeous sunsets, mirror-taken selfies, food, friends, family, work, it literally does not matter what you’re taking pictures of. Foap has partnerships with companies like Adobe and Shutterstock. These partnerships help people looking for stock photos find unique and more personal pictures that they can use for their websites or blogs.  






Textbooks: If you’ve got textbooks then you’ve probably got some student loan debt you want paid off. Using BookScouter is a good way to sell your old books, and to get  some pretty decent money while doing so.


BookScouter doesn’t actually buy the textbooks themselves. Instead, they’re a network of about a dozen different buyback vendors and textbook brokers. What’s cool is that they pay for the shipping for you, so you don’t need anything up front except the ISBN number!






Unique Items & Clothing: Like Poshmark, DePop lets you sell your used and gently worn clothing. But they do not limit you to selling only clothing. If you’ve got some pretty cool or unique items from your closet, or some nice fashion accessories, you can sell it on DePop.


“I Love DePop! It’s like a virtual closet that anyone can shop at!” says Organizing Expert Ms. Lauren of — The app lets you set your own prices and you’ll likely make anywhere from $5-$100 per item sold. 






Media & Entertainment: Although they specialize in electronics, Decluttr is a great place to sell just about anything that can be classified as entertainment or as something to keep you busy. Legos, DVDs, Books, Games, CDs, there’s a Decluttr marketplace for all of this.


You don’t even have to pay for shipping. You list your items for sale and, whenever you accept an offer, you print out a shipping label and send your merchandise on its way. Payment via PayPal will soon follow.



OfferUp -AND- LetGo



These two apps are almost the same thing with just different layouts. You can literally sell anything that you’d like with OfferUp and LetGo. It could be an old lawnmower or some craft you made. Old clothes or electronics, it really doesn’t matter. You will be paired up with local buyers so you can meet and exchange cash in person. 


More Smartphone Side Hustles


Our final group of smartphone side hustles is going to cover those apps that can have you potentially earning a full-time income. And these aren’t the same uber, lyft, doordash, grubhub apps, these are apps that will probably be new to you.






There are people in your town that need help with projects — small and big — and many of them turn to Gigwalk to get help with these projects. You might find a 5 minute gig for $5 or you might find a 4-hour gig for $100. They payout via PayPal.






If you’re a good handyman or are skilled in any sort of handiwork, you should consider the Handy app. There are repair jobs, fix-it projects, and cleaning tasks. You can make between $22 and $45 per hour. The more you work and the more reviews you get, the more you will be able to earn on future gigs.






Calling all experts! Save some time in your day to answer others’ questions and get paid to do so. Your pay rate is set by the question asker. But, if it’s a question that they seriously need an answer to. Then they will offer a decent amount for a well thought answer. 



Working Solutions



Are you comfortable doing customer service work? Do you have at least 15 hours in your week available? (Although you can work up to 40 hours per week). Then working as a remote customer service agent for Working Solutions might be right up your alley!


Make More Off Your Side Hustles


There is no reason why any of you reading this can’t use some of the services above to bring in at least $100-$200 per day using just your smartphone. Seriously, it’s not hard. You just need to stay focused and dedicated. And you need to keep a watchful eye for ways you can make money throughout your day.


Scan your receipts with some of those cash-back shopping apps. Complete a Swagbucks survey while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Spend your spare time on the weekends answering questions, reviewing music, or decluttering your closet. 


Want more side hustles? My name is Brad and after being released from prison for computer hacking and financial crimes, I had to turn to side hustles to survive. I share these side hustles with readers of my email list before I post them to the website. Subscribe below



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