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Side Hustle: TikTok + Amazon Affiliate Proram + Link Tree

TikTok.. man, where did this app even come from? And it has 2 Billion downloads? What?

I know that every time I go to prison I’m going to see something new whenever I get out, even if I’ve only been gone for a year or so.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck is TikTok? Well, it’s like Vine except worse. The videos are A LOT longer, there’s always music with it, and the content is so damn cringe-y. These Gen-Z’ers have lost their minds.

…wait a second, an app focused at the younger crowd who buys EVERYTHING online and who LOVES to shop on Amazon. Shit, this might just be a good way to make some money.

NOTE: If you’re looking for a side hustle but aren’t sure about using TIkTok or don’t have an Amazon affiliate account, check out how I used to make $100-$200 per day writing blog posts for other people.

Make Money Using TikTok & Amazon

Go take a look at some of these TikToks showing off Amazon purchases. You can make something like that, right? If so, then you’re going to be able to make this into a nice little side hustle if you play your cards right.

You’ll need to make a TikTok account and you’ll need an account with Amazon Affiliates.

You’re going to promote Amazon products on TikTok, but you’re going to make it seem cool and I’ll show you how.

  1. Find Your Niche – You’ll need to find a niche, or a category, that you want to promote. If you make it to generalized you won’t be able to pick up enough steam. Your niche might be cool gadgets, or outdoorsy stuff, or food/kitchen equipment.
  2. Get Your Item(s) – You will need to order the item from Amazon –OR– see if you’ve got an item around your house that’s currently being sold on Amazon. Hell, you could even buy the item for super cheap from AliExpress if you want to save some money.
  3. Get Affiliate Link – Log into your Amazon Affiliate account and get your affiliate link for the product that you’ve ordered (or already have possession of).
  4. Link Tree – Go to linktr.ee and set up your tree to have that Amazon product affiliate link. As you get more items and make more videos, you’re going to add more links to your tree.

It’s Time To TikTok

  1. Make A TikTok – You now need to make a TikTok showing off this item. Look at the link I posted earlier in the video and see why those videos are so popular. Try and emulate that. I know it’s easier said than done. Just try to focus on the product and how cool it is, but don’t try and sell it in the video itself.
  2. TikTok Description – In your TikTok description be sure to include “link in bio” or “{product name} link in bio”
  3. Linktr.ee TikTok Bio – Make sure your TikTok bio has your link tree address. This is how we’re going to mask our affiliate links and make it seems less threatening to potential viewers.
  4. NETWORK! – Go find other similar TikToks and leave comments about how you use that same item, or how you made a video of you using a similar item, etc..

People are literally out there making a living just by reviewing weird Amazon products on TikTok. But this market is far from saturated at the moment. I’d get in while you can because I’m sure in a year or two every single TikTok bio is going to have either a linktr.ee with Amazon affiliate links OR your standard OnlyFans links.

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