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Hi guys, my name is Brad and I’m addicted to money.

Between my white collar crimes and my legitimate online side hustles, I’ve made well over a million dollars and I’m on the path to making 7 figures per year. I’m going to take you on that journey with me. But first, you might like the story below that explains how I got here:

How did I end up here? How did I go from being in an amazing place in life, to multiple felony arrests and convictions, time in various state and federal prisons, all the way back up to where I am now — on the top of the world?!

My childhood was great, we weren’t rich but I always had whatever it was that I wanted, even if I had to wait until it was my birthday or Christmas. For some reason, however, I was always obsessed with money.

I made my first bit of money online back in 1999 when I was 14 years old. Can you guess how I made that money?

Well, whatever your guess is, it’s likely wrong. Because I was selling penis enlargement penis exercising manuals. Yep. Back then the internet was like the wild wild west. You could sell anything to anybody fairly easily.

I had come across someone who was making a killing in this industry. So, I mailed in a money order to buy the guide and I sat down and re-wrote it. I had a really shitty AOL website to sell it from, the url was something like{Screenname}/PenisEnlargement.html

Using CCBill, I was able to accept credit cards and e-checks because I was that advanced.

I promoted the site by paying someone from the Visual Basic AOL private chat room to code me a piece of software that would go in public AOL chat rooms, gather up all the screennames, and then send them Instant Messages and E-mails spamming them the website.

This was before there were any rules, laws, or regulations against spam.

This was before Dubya had signed the CAN-SPAM act.

can spam 2003

After having a taste of making my own money at such a young age, getting a “real” job when I turned 16 was going to be hard. I didn’t want a real job but my parents were pretty convinced that we were all going to get arrested from this magical money that was coming in from the internet.

I got a job at a local computer shop to appease them, but I of course kept up with the internet money. By this time I had perfected my web design skills, moved over to “better” hosts like Angelfire and Geocities, and started to sell more mainstream products.

In my early 20’s I wanted to make more money to fund and invest in more internet ventures. I needed something to give me an extra push. I ended up getting a job for Hibernia Bank (later bought out by Capital One). I worked in their online banking tech support department before moving to sales and then to the financial operations department.

The operations department gave me an amazing look at how things work behind the scenes with large financial institutions.

I would work there for a few years before the 2008 housing market crash forced me to leave. By now I had become dependent on the “real” income that was coming in on top of the internet income.

Also by this time my web empire had grown to include everything from magazine subscriptions to funny t-shirts to Soma and Tramadol. Back then these drugs weren’t scheduled and you could sell them from a licensed pharmacy. So I was shipping out pills and magazines all over the country.

My next job was with an industrial company that provided electronic parts and repairs to some of the biggest companies and government entities in the area.

Now that I’ve had A LOT of computer experience and experience with online merchant accounts, a first-hand look and feel for the back-end operations of a financial institution, and access to the financing and buying/purchasing details of government entities, I was all set to go!

I was able to take the money from these government entities: out of their bank accounts, off of their credit cards, etc.. and make it show up as something else on their billing statements.

Ex: I could take thousands of dollars and make it seem like their card had been charged at a local shop. I could control what showed up on their credit card statement or bank statement.

The money that I pulled was put through various merchant accounts and then deposited into a bank account that I controlled. This went on for a while. Sometimes I would do $5,000 or sometimes I would do $15,000.

I ended up getting fired from that job for something unrelated to the finance stuff. However, after being fired, I wasn’t able to hide my tracks anymore. That night the local sheriff’s department came over to talk to me.

Because I know that you should never talk to cops, they left my house without me saying a word. The next day they said my case was forwarded to a state police detective. Two days later it was forwarded to the U. S. Secret Service.


It was then that I learned the Secret Service guards the president AND the nation’s currency. Because of the government entities and large corporations I was stealing from, they decided to step in and see just what was going on.

They didn’t like that I was stealing from Exxon and the Army Corps of Engineers and even the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

As much as I would love to say that I stole millions, I didn’t. I only made off with $xxx,xxx

Now, I didn’t cover it in the story above, but this wasn’t my first bit of trouble with the law. I had been arrested and been to jail before, but this was a federal crime. I was getting ready to go to prison that was going to have a much different environment.

I was looking at 25+ years but, because the methods I was using weren’t really used before, my attorney got me a sweet deal where I show the Secret Service and the FBI how I was doing whatever it was that I was doing, and they’d work with me on the sentencing.

I ended up getting 12-18 months prison, 3 months house arrest, and 3 years of “supervised release” aka probation.

I’ll be sure to post the funny prison stories and anecdotes on the blog to avoid this already-long story being even more lengthy than it already is. 

I wasn’t out of federal prison for more than a year before I would get arrested again for felony embezzlement. I had already had my ‘slap on the wrist’ moment. In fact, I’d had more than one of those moments. 

I made bail but the next few years were a tough dive into substance abuse, running from the law for a couple of years, and just all around some pretty terrible decisions.

I was able to avoid going back to federal prison while working on a deal for the embezzlement/theft issue. I’d gone back and forth to jail on various bench warrants and fugitive warrants, but was able to get clean and start working on my legal issues.


And here we are today. 

I have used computers to both make and steal money to the tune of millions of dollars. Writing keeps me busy and writing keeps me out of trouble. I’m going to open up to you guys about everything that I know and I’m probably going to whore out some affiliate products along the way. 


Well, as I said in the beginning, I’m addicted to money.

Also, I’ve spent the last couple of years teaching the love of my life everything I know. She has officially bet me that if we both start a blog from scratch, from the ground up, that she can hit six figures before I can.

You can check out her website here: Her Website

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I’ve been a felon for a long time and I know how to make A LOT of money when getting a fancy, high-paying job isn’t an option. I also have some really funny prison stories.

I’m never going to blatantly spam products, but what I will do is post amazing, high-quality blog content with genuinely useful information and up-to-date guides with ways to make money. In those articles I might shill some products or services that I genuinely believe are useful.

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