Side Hustle: Unclaimed Google My Business Listings

Unclaimed Google My Business Listings: How to make $100-$200 per day Side Hustle

Unclaimed Google My Business Listings are a goldmine waiting to be tapped into. You can use these unclaimed listings to make A LOT of money if you’re determined. You don’t need ANY experience whatsoever. Seriously, all you need is a phone.


One of the primary ways I was able to get back on my feet was from finding side hustles or income streams that hadn’t been tapped into yet. 


Everybody in the world is writing product reviews to make a few bucks from Amazon’s affiliate program. 


Everybody in the world is buying finance articles on Fiverr to promote anything from Robinhood to Opploans to Swgabucks.


How many people are using a free domain name + a $5 Fiverr gig to flip into a $100-$200 per day operation without knowing a god damn thing about web design or online promotion. You don’t even need to know how to use Google because I’ve put the screenshots down below.


I dare you to try doing this and not make any money.


How To Make Money From Unclaimed Google My Business Listings


The idea behind it is simple, and I’m going to help you execute this as easily as possible. This works insanely well for smaller ‘podunk’-style towns. Even if you live right in the middle of NYC, you can still use this method for any area of the country.


Here’s what we’re going to go over:

  • Finding unclaimed Google My Business (GMB) listings
  • Gettting these companies to pay you $100+ to “fix” their listings
  • How to fix these listings + extras for $5-$10 and profit $90-$95 without getting your hands dirty (or doing any work)
  • Which industries this works best for
  • How to get payment from these companies
  • Where to get a FREE domain name and hosting for less than $2 per month to resell for $50 per month.


How To Find Unclaimed Google My Business Listings (GMB)


Let’s do a practice round real quick. Search for a certain type of business in your town. If you live in a big city, try searching a nearby town that’s smaller or more rural. For my example below I’m going to search for “plumbing baton rouge la”


In the first page of search results Google is going to include their Google My Business (GMB) listings. Click on the More Places link (with the 3 little lines) below the maps to be brought to their entire GMB selection for this area.


Look for businesses that have very few reviews. Also look for businesses that don’t have a website listed. Whenever you click on the listing you will see a screen like this:


unclaimed Google My Business listing


Look at the image above where I’ve curled the “Own this business?” link. This link shows you that the company has not properly claimed their listing on GMB. This is exactly what you’re looking for and this is where you’ll make your money from. 


Now, you can pause right here and go make yourself a little spreadsheet of unclaimed businesses or you can keep on reading to see what’s next.


How Do You Make Money From Unclaimed GMB Listings?


Are you just supposed to call up these shitty little businesses and say “Hey, give me some money so I can fix your Google GMB listing.” 


I mean.. Sure, you can try doing that, but it’s not going to work out very well.

Because you need to sell them on it (although it’s not hard at all to do, but having a domain name and a website helps.. I’ll show you). You need to explain why having an unclaimed business is a problem, you need to explain to them the benefits of having a claimed listing, and you need to sell them on the idea of letting you be the one to fix this issue for them.


Towards the end of this article we have a sales script for you to use that works VERY well.


Here’s how you’re supposed to profit from these businesses. Also, you literally don’t need any skills to do what you’re promising them, you just have to know who will do it for you for a fraction of what you’re charging these people.


  • Claim GMB Listing: $10-$25
  • Add Pictures: $15
  • Get Reviews: $50
  • Build Website: $500
  • GMB SEO/Optimization: $100/month
  • Website SEO: $200/month


These unclaimed business listings are ripe with people who have no clue how to do any of this stuff. And by targeting smaller/rural towns you run into people who simply need someone to explain to them why all of this stuff is important.


How Do You Fix These Issues Without Doing Any Actual Work?


The whole point of this side hustle is that you’re going to sell these services, but you personally won’t be doing any of the work. 


You’re just going to outsource it. 


Look at these Fiverr gigs:


unclaimed Google My Business fiverr gigs for Google Maps


That’s just the current front page of results on Fiverr whenever I search Google My Business.


You can find someone on Fiverr or on Reddit’s r/slavelabour subreddit that will put up a 5-10 page WordPress website for $100-$250 and actually have it be a pretty good looking website. 


Protip: Snag one of these free or discounted domains when you get hosting that equals less than $2 per month and upsell it to the clients. Resell them this free domain for $20, resell them the free domain and super cheap hosting for $50 per month. I’m going to mention this many more times throughout the article because getting recurring payments from web hosting = you can eventually stop cold calling and just collect monthly payments.


Same for the SEO stuff. Just pay someone else to do it. If you’re paying other people to do this stuff for you, you can spend more time selling your services to other unclaimed businesses. 


Now, when you originally go to claim the business, Google is going to send a postcard to that business address. That postcard will have a verification code on it. So you’ll need to let the business owners know to look out for this postcard.


This Unclaimed GMB Side Hustle Works Best For The Service Industry


Obviously you can find businesses across any industry, but you’re more likely to see it work best on the service industry folks. Plumbers, janitorial, steam cleaning, auto detailing, window washing, lawn maintenance/landscaping, etc…


It also works pretty well on small-time professional business operations: attorneys, dentists, CPAs, etc.. A dentist office with only one dentist (and support staff). A law firm that has only one attorney (with support staff as well).


How Do You Accept Payments For Claiming GMB Listings?


This part is easy. You can simply set up a PayPal business account and email them invoices. 


You can also set up merchant accounts that let you have a virtual terminal so that you can just get their credit card information over the phone. I believe Square has this as an option. 


Do You Need A Website For This?


Without having one, you can still make money. So, yeah, I guess you don’t technically need one, but you will make A LOT more money if you have one. 


Even if you at least just have your own domain name. These guys will literally give you a free domain name with their hosting that costs less than $2 per month. It’s who my domains are registered through and it’s who I use for web hosting. There’s seriously no reason not to spend a few bucks on this. (The free whois guard is nice to have as well)

Before We Get Started Claiming GMB Listings…

Snag Your Free Domain Name and cheap hosting – At the very least you want to have email address. Using that link above will let you get hosting for less than $2 per month. AND either a free or heavily discounted domain depending on which tld you want (ex: .com, .info, .biz, .net, etc..)

It would be even better if you put up a WordPress site because it’s easy as hell to do. Be sure to follow my WordPress security tips if you end up doing so.

How To Sell The Business Owners: THE GAME PLAN!

  1. Contact Business Owners – You’re going to have to either use the phone, or find someone on Fiverr to call the list of business owners you’ve put together. (Hell, you could find someone on Fiverr to even put the list together for you)

    “Hi, my name is {NAME} and I’m with {Your New Domain}. We were helping {Competing Business} claim their Google Business Listing. I noticed yours wasn’t claimed either so I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about the business you’re missing out on.”

    Explain to them how 84% of people are going to research a business before they go visit it for the first time. Tell them that since you just did work for one of their competitors and have already done your {industry} research (ex: I’ve already got all of this fresh research on the plumbing industry in Baton Rouge} that you can help them claim it “for a few bucks”

    Explain to them your price (something cheap.. $10-$20) and explain to them how you will instruct Google to send a postcard in the mail to verify their business mailing address and that they need to get back to you with the code on, or a picture of, that postcard. 
  2. Collect Payment – Some people like to collect payment before the Google postcard comes in the mail, right there on that initial phone call, others prefer to wait. The reason some prefer to wait is because you WILL have a followup call to upsell them. 
  3. Upsell Them – The reason you charge them a little bit to claim their business is because you want to build trust with them. They will be 3x more likely to purchase an entirely new website from you if you were able to deliver on your previous promise to them. The unclaimed Google My Business listing was just a way to get your foot in the door 

    This is when you want to sell them a new website (or a redesign of their current website), sell them on the importance of SEO. Sell them on a domain name and web hosting. Hell, sell them on the idea that they need to pay you money to add pictures to their Google listing. 


Those of you who have never picked up a phone to make a sale are probably trembling. You Gen Z’ers who are reading are probably already discounting this whole side hustle. Good, more money for the rest of us to make. 


2 Reasons Why Selling Unclaimed GMB Listings Works:


First of all, if these businesses knew just how to do this then they wouldn’t be receptive to your call. They simply don’t know any better. Many of the people you talk to will not know how on Earth this works, but are willing to give it a shot for $10-$20.


Second, many of the people you talk to will have a vague idea of how important this is, but they simply have got no clue how to do it. Some of the people you talk to will genuinely get excited and jump on this idea. You just happened to have been the first person to reach out to them.


How Much Money Did I Make With Unclaimed Google My Business Listings?


The first few calls are going to suck. Seriously, they’re going to suuuuck. But eventually you will get yourself into a nice groove and will start to realize that for every X number of calls you make, X number of people will say YES!


So for every person that says NO you’re that much closer to a YES!


When I did this, I got to where I could get 1 Yes per every 10 calls to the owners of unclaimed businesses. So if I called 100 people in a day, I would have about 10 of them paying me $10-$20 to claim their Google My Business.




Out of those 10 people that had already paid me, THREE were likely to buy some of the upsells. 


Sometimes it would be just simple pictures uploading, many times it was a $500, WordPress site with 6-10 pages. I’m great with WordPress and could crank that out in a day, but you can seriously outsource it and get by just fine with this. 


So, if I called 100 People:

$100-$200 just from claiming unclaimed Google My Business listings

~$15-$30 for pictures

~$500 for a website

~$10-$50 per month from upselling web hosting and having them pre-pay for a year


Now, obviously if I’m doing the website myself, I won’t be calling people that day. Obviously some days it doesn’t matter how much money is waiting for you, you’re just not feeling it and won’t be making these calls. 


Cold Calling = So Much Potential Money


A lot of you reading this will consider tying it. A few of you will actually try it and make some decent money. An even smaller amount of readers are going to realize how much money can be made from cold calling small-town businesses. 


Seriously. The unclaimed GMB listing is just a ruse to gain their trust so you can upsell them on some web design. Design that you don’t even need to know how to do. And when you get hosting for less than $2 per month with a heavily discounted or free domain name, you have so much more room to upsell!


Imagine if you took this plan and altered it a little bit for other services. Hell, you might even prefer to cut grass. And this is a great way to get your foot in the door with these businesses. 


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