$100 adwords credit

How To Get $100 Google Ads/AdWords Credit (+ $125 in extras)

How To Get $100 Google Ads/AdWords Credits
(+ $100 for Bing/Yahoo ads + A FREE .com domain name)

Google handles almost 100,000 searches per second (as of mid 2020). No, that’s not a typo. They literally serve up multiple millions of searches every minute. Surely some of those queries are related to your business or your website, right?

Google Ads (AKA Google AdWords) lets you pay to have your website or blog listed at the top of all of the search results. In fact, for many queries, the paid results are completely above the fold. Meaning users need to scroll down before they see the organic/free listings.

How much traffic do you think you could drive to your blog, website, online store, or side hustle if you had $100 in advertising credit from Google? What if we also told you that you can get a $100 advertising credit for Bing/Yahoo as well? AND a free domain name?

We’ve partnered with HostGator to offer up WhiteCollarMillionaire.com readers $100 in Google Ads credits, $100 in Bing/Yahoo credits, AND a free domain name. As a bonus you’ll also get some pretty amazing web hosting at like $3/month

Here’s how to claim your $100 Google Ads/AdWords credits:

  1. Sign up to HostGator using this link (hosting works out to be literally like $3/mo or less). As an added bonus, you can use coupon code WCMSAVES during the checkout process.

  2. Log into your HostGator Dashboard and click on App Market on the left hand menu (or Visit App Market at the bottom right of the page)
    free adwords credit step 1

  3. In the App Market search bar, type in Google AdWords and select it from the predictive search/drop down results
    free adwords credit step 2

  4. The app market will display the Gooogle AdWords app terms of service. Once you review the text, go ahead and click on Get Credit
    free adwords credit step 3

  5. The popup will then ask you to enter the URL to your privacy policy. All websites that advertise on Google and Bing need one (because of the cookies), but you can get one for free by using this Free Privacy Policy Generator.
    free adwords credit step 4

  6. Once you click Next you will see your code. Take a screenshot or physically write it down just to be safe. Once you have your code, use this link to go to Google Ads/AdWords to create your first campaign.

  7. Google will ask for your billing info. On the billing info screen is a section for Introductory Offers / Promo Codes – this is where you put down the code from step #6.

Google will require you to spend $25 before the $100 is credited to your account. It’s entirely worth it. The traffic that comes from Google AdWords can be extremely targeted and convert VERY well. 

As a bonus you will also get $100 credit for Bing/Yahoo ads!