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Blog Names: Choosing A Name For Your Blog

Choosing a name for your blog can seem even harder than picking a niche for your blog. But, it’s not as serious as you think. Once you’ve got the niche nailed down, the blog name is the easy part. 

Some of us seriously just aren’t creative. Hell, I’ve got no creativity, do you see the stupid pictures that my blog uses? Do you see the terrible layout? I’m just not creative. I used to spend hours doling on blog names and domain names. 

This is step 2 in our Blogging 101 series, so make sure you’ve completed the first step. For those of you that haven’t, head on back to phase 1 and choose a niche for your blog. Once you’ve found your niche you’re ready to proceed.

We’re going to use blog name and blog domain name interchangeably. If your blog domain is then we’re going to assume your blog’s name is Siamese Cat Life.

Do Blog Domain Names Matter?

In short: No, not really. 

Back in the early days of SEO your domain name mattered A LOT. Google would look at the keywords in your domain name and rank you accordingly. 10-15 years ago I used to be able to register keyword-rich domain names just to rank higher. I could have super shitty content on those domains and still outrank other sites that had amazing content.

This was because of Google’s EMD filter. EMD was short for Exact Match Domain. Meaning if the keywords being searched were an exact match for the keywords found in the domain, you would secure yourself a top-ranked spot in the search results. 

That was the old days. It’s not 2005 anymore. Google fixed that whole domain name-keyword issue years ago. But some “guru” in some corner of the internet is still preaching that domains matter. The domain name for your blog doesn’t matter.

Here’s proof that domain name keywords don’t matter.

Choosing A Good Name For Your Blog: 2 Principles

Now that we’ve eased the pressure on you about domain names, let’s take a look at a few things you need to remember when deciding on a good name for your blog. This comes from years of experience and has been updated to reflect today’s blogging world.


Most Good Domain Names Are Taken


It was like this years ago, and it’s even worse today. Any good domain you can think of has probably already been taken. So many people get these ideas for the next big thing and end up registering domains. 90% of them don’t actually use the domains, so they just sit there and are untouchable by the rest of us until they expire.

There are also domain squatters out there. These people buy up hundreds or thousands of domain names and just sit on them. They wait until budding bloggers or entrepreneurs come along in search of that domain and try to sell it to them at exorbitant prices.

You don’t need a fancy ass domain name from a domain squatter — especially if this is your first blog!


Try To Use A .Com Domain


At the bottom of this article we show you how to register a .Com domain name for free

.Com is what’s known as a tld, or top-level domain. Other examples are .net, .org, .gov, .edu, etc.. There are so many crazy tlds out there these days. Don’t fall into the hype. Try as hard as possible to stick with a .com domain name.

Keep in mind that I’m speaking from a blogger’s points of view. Some of those other .tlds are great options for other types of online ventures. 

But for a blog you don’t need some ridiculous or or even anything with a .biz or .us domain name. 

A .com with more words will always be better than a different tld with fewer words.(when it comes to blogs) I’ll fight anyone to the death who says otherwise. looks worse than 

(Side note: I don’t own any Siamese cats. I used this once in the first article as an example and now I have to keep using it in order to stay cohesive)

If you absolutely must stray away from a .com tld, then try to at least get a .co — the .co tld has seen a huge resurgence in popularity as of recently, so I guess it doesn’t look too bad. 

Choosing A Name For Your Blog

Here we go. Let’s dive right into the good stuff. Here’s how I (and many other experts) suggest that you go about naming your blog. Again, you need to have already found your niche first!


Find a bunch of words that are related to your niche


Put together a bunch of different words related to your niche. 

Travel > Cruise > Vacation > Flights > Holidays > Trip > Destinations


Run those keywords through a thesaurus


Voyage, trip, trek, journey, tour


Find some descriptive verbs


Take off, set out, check in, drop off, visit, enjoy


You’ll need some adjectives as well.


Fun, awesome, amazing


Add some slang words if needed.


I’m sorry but I’m too old to know of any travel-tralted slang terms. Could a gen-z’er please email me and let me know what to put here for an example.


Use your name or nickname.


Jim, Jimmy, Jimothy, James


Put it all together and see what you come up with!,, 

How To Register Your Blog’s Domain Name

Once you’ve got a list of potential domain names you’re going to want to see what’s available and then register your favorite one. Do this now before those asshole domain squatters pick it up. 

How do you register a domain name? How do you see if a domain is available? All of this can be done through a domain registrar (we’ve recommended a few good ones below). 

Now, our next installment is going to cover the best hosting for your blog, but we’ll give you a sneak peak. The two domain registrars below also offer some amazing WordPress hosting. 

NameCheap – You can use their bulk domain search tool to search a bunch of domains at once to see what’s available. You can end up getting WordPress hosting for what amounts to be like $1.75 per month and get 50% off of .com domain registrations. 

HostGator – They don’t have a bulk domain search tool, but they will give you a free domain name with most of their hosting plans. They have WordPress hosting for as low as $2.75 per month (with a free .com domain name). 

Use code WCMSAVES at HostGator for an even bigger discount!

Our next installment goes over blog and WordPress hosting in great detail. However, if you end up going with any hosting plan from the two companies above then you will be 100% safe.

Blogging 101: What’s Next After Picking Your Blog’s Name?

This is the second installment of a multi-part series that shows you how to start a blog. Our step-by-step guide started off with us helping budding bloggers-to-be pick a niche for their blog. After this article you should have a niche and a name/domain name. 

Our next installments will cover everything from installing WordPress with no experience and customizing it to your needs all the way to ranking in Google and making a lot of money from your blog.

I will be posting these installments as they are written and edited over the next few days. You can subscribe to the spam-free email list below to get notifications as the new guides are posted.

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