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    Gene’s Dogs: Adopting dogs from prison

    I want to tell you about my friend Gene and how, despite serving 86 months in federal prison (a portion of which was completed under house arrest), he was able to rescue some dogs from the prison compound and have them shipped across the country back to his home.   But first, you need a small bit of back story and a picture to help with the imagery.   During my first ever visit to federal prison for a very specific type of credit card fraud (among other things) I was able to go to a lower-security setup.   USP Pollock Setup The compound had a super max security, it…

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    Team Beat The P*ssy Up: Prison Rec Yard Champs!

    In federal prison it’s a different way of life compared to state prisons and county jails.    Like, MUCH different.   A lot of people in federal prison are going to be there for a looooong time. So, they try to have as many different recreation options as possible. (I heard some locations even have ponds for fishing)   Like many of the prisons, the one I was at had a lot of different options for recreation. Seriously, we genuinely had a lot of different things to do.   We also had horseshoes and shuffleboard.    Jeff was another white collar guy who was in there for promising “infinite returns”…

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    My Story

    Hi guys, my name is Brad and I’m addicted to money. Between my white collar crimes and my legitimate online side hustles, I’ve made well over a million dollars and I’m on the path to making 7 figures per year. I’m going to take you on that journey with me. But first, you might like the story below that explains how I got here: How did I end up here? How did I go from being in an amazing place in life, to multiple felony arrests and convictions, time in various state and federal prisons, all the way back up to where I am now — on the top of…