• how to install wordpress
    Blogging 101

    Blog Setup: How To Install & Set up WordPress

    It’s time to officially teach you how to set up your blog! You should have a niche, a name, and hosting already. Those three steps are the hardest part of setting up a blog. Choosing and installing the blog software is the easiest part about becoming a blogger.  Yes, seriously. Most people see installing blogging software on your web host or web server as this big overwhelming, dramatic task. Wrong. Read this article and I promise you’ll be able to install and set up your blog in 60 seconds or less. Probably even faster if you went with one of the two blog hosts that we recommend.  Otherwise you’ll have…

  • best blog host
    Blogging 101

    Blog Hosting: Where Is The Best Place To Host A Blog?

    Alright so you’ve got your niche picked out, you’ve decided on a good blog name and have picked up your domain, and now you need to find the best place to host a blog. Well, it just so happens that I can help you out with that.  For those of you who are new, this is the third installment in our multi-part series about starting a blog from the ground up (the right way!) with no experience. A blog that will be profitable enough for you to live off of. If you haven’t already done so, you need to: Pick a niche for your blog : A niche that will…

  • choosing blog name
    Blogging 101

    Blog Names: Choosing A Name For Your Blog

    Choosing a name for your blog can seem even harder than picking a niche for your blog. But, it’s not as serious as you think. Once you’ve got the niche nailed down, the blog name is the easy part.  Some of us seriously just aren’t creative. Hell, I’ve got no creativity, do you see the stupid pictures that my blog uses? Do you see the terrible layout? I’m just not creative. I used to spend hours doling on blog names and domain names.  This is step 2 in our Blogging 101 series, so make sure you’ve completed the first step. For those of you that haven’t, head on back to…

  • How to choose a niche for your blog
    Blogging 101

    Blog Niche Ideas: Choosing A Niche For Your Blog

    “How do I choose a niche for my blog?” is one of the first questions that will undoubtedly be asked by many new bloggers. After they ask how to go about choosing a niche for their blog, they will soon follow it up with these questions:  “Which blog niche will make the most money?” “What’s the easiest blog niche to write for?” “Do I really need to write what I’m passionate about?” “Can’t I just write about making money and making blogs?” Choosing a niche for your blog is going to be the most important step. Why do you think I’ve written an entire guide on how to do this?…